A measure of IDEAglobal.com's importance within the industry has been its ability to attract to its board high calibre expertise:
  • Professor Helmut Schlesinger, former president of the Bundesbank
  • Mr Ng Kok Song, Deputy Managing Director of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation

The IDEAglobal.com Advisory Board has two roles: First, the board provides long-term guidance on markets and economic trends to IDEAglobal.com's senior economists, helping to strengthen the depth and credibility of their forecasts. Second, and perhaps most important, the board acts as a bridge between global policy-makers and the markets, through their experience and contacts, and through participation in IDEAglobal.com's conferences.

Professor Helmut Schlesinger joined IDEAglobal.com's Advisory Board in May 1995. He studied economics at the University of Munich. From 1949 to 1952, he worked at the IFO Institute for Economic Research before joining what was to become the Deutsche Bundesbank in 1952. After serving as Head of the Research and Statistics Department from 1964 to 1972, he became a member of the board of the Bundesbank in July 1972. In 1980, Professor Schlesinger was appointed Deputy President of the Bundesbank and Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Council. From 1991 to 1993, he held the office of President of the Bundesbank and Chairman of the Central Bank Council.

Mr Ng Kok Song , Deputy Managing Director of the GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation), is the most recent addition to the Advisory Board, joining in August 1997. At the GIC, Mr Ng is presently responsible for global asset allocation, global currency risk management, and for the operations of the Equities Department, Bond Department, Foreign Exchange Unit, Economics Department and Client Services. He previously held positions at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, including those of Director of International Department and Director of Banking Department, from 1971 to 1986.