Using a combination of sophisticated in-depth profiling and personal contact, a team of 20 dedicated salespeople, in's four offices around the world, is constantly expanding the client base and reinforcing successful long-term relationships.

As a result of its efforts, the company's analysis is used by 26 central banks in the formation of policy and read by over 25,000 financial professionals in over 1,700 dealing rooms world-wide. Of the 50 largest financial institutions as ranked by Euromoney, 46 are clients of

Along with the high quality achieved and sustained such rapid growth without high quality customer service. Our Corporate Relations staff world-wide is tasked with ensuring that clients are able to make the best use of our content.

Corporate Relations staff provide solid customer support by understanding the needs of existing and potential clients, organising and monitoring trials, and providing user education. Only with such attention to detail is it possible to increase market share and maintain the franchise within an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious market.

The TimeMachine Help Desk is staffed by a dedicated world-wide team specialising in assisting clients in getting the most out their TimeMachine. For any questions on the downloading, operations or services provided by the TimeMachine, please call the Help Desk 24 hours a day on:

  • London: +44 171 969 9000
  • New York: +1 212 571-HELP
  • Singapore: +65 332 0711