In today's sophisticated economic environment, understanding the causal relationships between financial instruments and central bank policy is paramount. Basically, information about money is as important as money itself. Over the years, has built up a unique position as a confidant of central bankers and major money managers. The company's economists are thoroughly networked into the community of the biggest players in the world.

This inside track allows to give clients a clearer understanding of the conduct of economic policy, through which more informed and confident money management decisions can be made.

Under Mike Gallagher, a team of over 50 market strategists, economists and technical analysts worldwide produce over 5,000 updates to our real-time services each day. Additionally we produce eight fax products in local languages in each of the major world-wide timezones every trading day.

Chris Turner -- Managing Director, Inc.

Chris joined as a technical analyst and was soon promoted to manager of's award-winning FX product. He is a graduate of Bristol University in economics and accounting. He transferred from London to New York in 1996 and in 1997 was promoted to managing director of Inc., where he now uses's strengths in the interaction of global financial markets to provide insight for the firm's broad client-base of market professionals.

Josh Stiles -- Senior North American Bond Strategist

Prior to joining, Josh was a proprietary bond trader at Nippon Credit Bank for three years. He formerly worked as a proprietary bond trader for six years at Drexel Burnham and two years at Citibank. He began his career in business as a credit analyst at First Fidelity. Josh has a B.A. from Amherst College, and an MBA in finance from New York University. Josh now runs a team of six economists/strategists who, tapping into's global team, provides a fresh insight into U.S. interest-rate markets.

Shandi Modi -- C.E.O.

With more than 15 years of experience in the financial markets and having built from a staff of nine in 1989 to a team of 180 today, Shandi's opinions on international capital flows are now sought by central bankers and hedge funds around the world, providing him with a perspective few could ever hope to gain. Shandi is an L.S.E. graduate and has been delighted to attract some of the world's key policy-makers to's advisory board, including former Bundesbank president Helmut Schlesinger and, most recently, the deputy managing-director of Singapore's G.I.C., Ng Kok Song.

Mike Gallagher -- Global Director of Research

Mike is a founding member of and in addition to building a team of 60 highly-respected analysts, has also established excellent relationships amongst's top-tier client base, winning an insight into those institutions who really move money internationally. He has a Masters in Economics from Warwick.

John Davitte -- Head of Emerging Markets Research

Armed with economic-based degrees from Oxford University and a year-and-a-half's experience at a Corporate Treasury Consultancy, John joined in 1994 to set up's emerging markets department. As emerging markets trading has balloned, so has institutional demand for's research, which is now considered an industry leader. John's department now has over 15 analysts globally providing pioneering research on Asian regional, eastern European and Latin American economies.

Simon Smollett -- Senior Options Strategist

Simon joined in 1994, having worked at a number of financial institutions, among them Swiss Bank Corporation and Midland, where he managed the options sales desk. Simon brings to an understanding of options at grass roots levels and with his daily Global Options fax, has provided fresh definition for the emerging analysis of FX options. Most recently, Simon's analysis has been branching out into the complex world of emerging markets options.

Sean Corrigan -- Senior International Bond Strategist

Before joining, SEan gained 10 years' experience as a market-maker and proprietary trader in bond and money markets. Sean has science and engineering-related degrees from Cambridge University, which he combines with his market experience to produce ground-breaking strategies for international bond markets; in particluar focusing on the euro interest-rate area before and after 1999.

Hamid Malik -- Cycles Strategist and Head of Technical Research

Hamid has been providing customers for the last four years with some of the biggest cyclical calls in the market, receiveing much industry acclaim. HIs analysis covers a broad range of markets and has been built from 20 years work both as broker and trader in a variety of financial institutions.