Salomon Brothers, 1997. Mayur Ghelani, Director FX Asia.
"The other market news services tell you where the market has been. tells you where the market is going and why."

Moore Capital, 1996. Dr Phillip Hildebrand, Chief Economist.
" does the best job of providing relevant and reliable information for me to take my risk taking decisions fast."

Pacific Asset Management, 1996. Ho Tian Yee, Managing Director.
"I.D.E.A's ability to provide a blend of political and economic risk analysis coupled with shorter term technical analysis is unique, I have no hesitation in recommending it."

Morgan Stanley, 1995. Neil Sorrentino, Emerging markets.
"Concise information which is extremely difficult to obtain. put their neck on the line, I was impressed with the precise forecasts on equities in Asia and Latin America. It's a tremendous tool for my work."

Nationsbank, 1995. Mike Kukanza, Global Head, Foreign Exchange Options.
"'s insight and influence make it required reading for anyone involved in financial markets. Access to its services can undoubtedly enhance one's performance in the markets."

Bank of America, 1995. Chris Abbot, head of FX Exotics Desk.
" hits the need for trading these markets right on the head. An excellent update on political, economic and technical factors influencing Asian and Latin American markets. I especially value's outlook on Asian forex rates."

Swiss Bank Corporation, 1994. Andy Siciliano, Board Member.
" gives us a perspective that we don't get elsewhere."

Credit Suisse, 1993. Moez Jamel.
" are the quickest guys on intra-day activity in the forex and interest rate markets."

Bankers Trust, 1992. Barney Tumey, Managing Director.
"'s pages are the best composite set of intelligence for global markets."

Some of these professionals may not currently be employed in the same position or working in the same institution as when these statements were made.