Since its foundation in 1989,*, has become the foremost provider of financial information and trend analysis in the world's financial markets.

Our reputation for providing accurate and timely information, in-depth research, incisive analysis and reliable forecasts is consistently endorsed by the world's leading financial players. In an industry that characterises data and analysis as real-time or delayed, our clients refer to us as "future-time".'s clients include 46 of the 50 largest financial institutions, as ranked by Euromoney.

The financial deregulation of the 1980s and 1990s has spurred high activity in currency, money and bond markets. For money managers at all levels, from central banks and finance ministries to fund managers, corporate treasurers, and institutional investors, the task of choosing and maintaining the right monetary course has never been more challenging.

Money managers in the commercial world need to interpret the signals and activities of economic and governmental policy-makers and assess their impact on financial markets.'s financial expertise, coupled with our use of the most advanced technology to create and distribute our products, enables you to make critical financial decisions with confidence. has already secured its position as the industry's foremost provider of macroeconomic, technical and geo-political analysis. In a field that requires an intimate understanding of supply and demand, ranks indisputably as the most valued information provider.

We are committed to maintaining our leading position, through the excellence of our products, our innovative use of technology and our high standards of customer service.<

* was founded in London in 1989. In 1996, all companies worldwide became subsidiaries of the new holding company, Independent Economic Analysis (Holdings) Pte Ltd.