Founded in 1895, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a leading global centre for teaching and research in the Social Sciences. The School's academic profile spans a wide range of disciplines, from Economics, International Relations, Government and Law, to Sociology, Information Systems, and Accounting and Finance.

From its beginning, the LSE has maintained high levels of scholarly achievement. Five Nobel Prize winners in Economics have taught at the School, while the LSE is rated along with Cambridge and Oxford, as one of the top three UK Universities for quality of research. For more information about the LSE, visit and the LSE are pioneers in the developing a co-operative relationship between market analysts and academia. This exclusive joint venture provides the foundation for a range of products covering the emerging markets of Latin America and Asia. These country-by-country views of political risk, from the world's most credible academic source, are succinctly translated by into the effects on market sentiment, prices and flows.